Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

In order to make your visit to our website as pleasantly as possible, this website must store a small amount of information, so-called cookies, on your computer. Cookies, among other things, serve to make the website work optimally and to be able to make further improvements to the site in order to improve your browsing experience. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Blocking the cookies is possible, after which you will still be able to browse the site, but some of its features will not be available to you.

Changes in data confidentiality

Prostor d.o.o. is authorized to amend the Confidentiality Statement at any time by publishing the amended text of the Confidentiality Statement on the Prostor d.o.o. website. Amendments to the confidentiality statement shall enter into force immediately upon their publication on the website. Any use of this website by the end user after such notification will be understood as acceptance of these changes. The user undertakes to periodically re-read the confidentiality statement in order to get acquainted with any changes. If the user uses the website after the confidentiality statement has been changed, it is presumed that they have become acquainted with the changes, understand them, and fully accept them. We exclude liability for any damage caused to users, registered users or third parties as a result of such changes.

Types of information collected and its use

Prostor d.o.o. collects personal information that identifies users of the websites. When a user engages in certain activities on the Prostor d.o.o. websites, such as opening a user account, subscribing to a newsletter, posting content and/or publishing texts on forums, participating in competitions organized by Prostor d.o.o., completing surveys, posting comments, sending feedback, requesting information about products and services of Prostor d.o.o., posting videos, Prostor d.o.o. may ask the user to provide certain information about themselves. The user is not obligated to engage in these activities. If the user decides to join in, Prostor d.o.o. is entitled to request personal information: name and surname, address (including postal code), e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth and picture. Prostor d.o.o. is authorized to use personal information of users in order to offer products and services, organize competitions, improve the operation of websites, improve advertising and promotional efforts, analyse the use of websites, improve the offer of Prostor d.o.o. products and services and examine your experience with third parties. Prostor d.o.o. is expressly authorized to use user comments to inform other users about the products. Such a comment can be published in Prostor d.o.o. advertising materials on the website. In addition, if you use the Prostor d.o.o. website to send information or products to other persons, Prostor d.o.o. is authorized to store personal information of users and recipients. Prostor d.o.o. is authorized to use personal information of users to solve problems, carry out administrative tasks, establish contact, comply with contracts, including terms of use and confidentiality statements of Prostor d.o.o. websites, comply with relevant laws and cooperate with law enforcement services. Prostor d.o.o. is authorized to collect information that does not identify a specific end user, including the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the website visited by the user before the opening of the Prostor d.o.o. website, the URL of the website visited by the user after leaving the Prostor d.o.o. website, the type of browser used by the user and the user's Internet Protocol (IP) address. Authorized service providers and advertisers may automatically collect this information when visiting the Prostor d.o.o. website, through cookies and other tools. Prostor d.o.o. uses such data exclusively for problem solving, website administration, trend analysis, demographic data collection, analysis of compliance with positive regulations and cooperation with law enforcement services. Depending on the type of activity, some information is designated as mandatory and some as voluntary. If the user does not provide the mandatory information for the specific activity that requires it, he/she will not be allowed to engage in such an activity. Prostor d.o.o. will not collect personal data through its website, namely: name, address, telephone number or e-mail address of the user, unless the user voluntarily reports them, or does so through a survey, consent and/or if permitted by applicable laws and regulations for the protection of personal data.

Disclosure of personal information

Prostor d.o.o. will not share personally identifiable information with other parties, but may share user information with the Companies with which Prostor d.o.o. is affiliated. Prostor d.o.o. also provides certain services and products through third parties. Third party service providers carry out certain activities on behalf and for the account of Prostor d.o.o. such as sending and distributing Prostor d.o.o. administrative and promotional emails. Prostor d.o.o. may share personal data of users with such service providers for sending mail and e-mail, administering competitions, analysing data, providing advertising services, ensuring search and connection results, processing credit card payments, managing websites, solving problems, and providing user services. Prostor d.o.o. is authorized to disclose user information for the purpose of protecting Prostor d.o.o. and protecting others. Prostor d.o.o. is authorized to disclose personally identifiable information of users when it is justified to expect that its disclosure will help law enforcement or is necessary as a result of a court order, to ensure compliance with this privacy statement, the terms of use of our websites or other agreements; or to protect the rights of ownership or security of these websites, their users or other persons. If the user does not want his personal data to be used to support customer relations (especially for direct marketing or market research), Prostor d.o.o. will respect the user's choice. Prostor d.o.o. does not sell or market personal identification data to third parties, except Prostor d.o.o. affiliated companies.

Supplements and corrections of information

The user is authorized to change any personal data by sending an e-mail or changing the profile of the user. In the e-mail message, the user is asked to specify the name and surname, address and e-mail address, and what information he/she wants to supplement. The user may also request the deletion or removal of information about their account at any time. The user is aware that Prostor d.o.o. cannot delete information related to past transactions on Prostor d.o.o. websites.

Selection of users in relation to the collection and use of information

The user cannot opt out of receiving administrative e-mails related to user activity on the website, and include messages related to specific user accounts, requests or inquiries, and messages related to the purchase of products and services. The user has the opportunity to request promotional e-mails advertising products and services of Prostor d.o.o., including exclusive sales and other offers, and/or products and services of affiliated companies. Prostor d.o.o. sends promotional e-mails to registered users who have chosen the option of receiving promotional messages. If the user does not want to receive promotional e-mails at any time after registration, you can choose to unsubscribe from promotional e-mails. In case of contact, the user should specify the first and last name, address, e-mail address and what type of promotional e-mail messages they no longer want to receive.

Data Protection

In order to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration, and against unauthorized disclosure or access, Prostor d.o.o. undertakes technical and organizational security measures. The user can access his/her personal information on the Prostor d.o.o. website using a password and e-mail address. The user is advised not to disclose the password to third parties. The user is aware of the fact that no data transfer over the Internet, or any wireless network can be 100% secure. Although Prostor d.o.o. implements commercially reasonable data protection safeguards, it cannot guarantee the protection of any information transmitted to or from our website and is not responsible for the actions of any third party receiving such information.

Data safety

All of the data you enter on our websites is protected and secured with strict access control.

Your personal information, such as your shipping address or email address, is stored in a secure system that only authorized employees have access to.;

This information is on your profile and can be changed or removed at any time.