PROSTOR - A real estate services market leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Reale Estate projects

Through our hands on work experience on the reference projects, we have gained unique expertise on the planning, organization and sales execution for some of the biggest development projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our persistence and a professional approach to each individual sale, enabled us to constantly increase number of sales, branches and agents, which granted us a great client loyalty in BiH and BiH diaspora.

Finally, our basic principle is that through a partnership with our client we invest as much time and resources as necessary in marketing and sales process. In this way, we protect investors from all potential errors, which creates optimal conditions for an efficient and a successful sales realization.

Below is a reference list for some bigger projects:

  • ANS DRIVE – residential building - Moja Malta, Dolac Malta
  • ANS DRIVE/EGW/UNIPROMET – residential-commercial building SaniGrandCity, Ilidža
  • BABIĆ d.o.o. – residential building Epsilon, Buća Potok
  • BALKANCO d.o.o. – residential building HILSIDE, Stari Grad
  • BENIS doo - residential buildings Stup Centar and Skenderija
  • BBI Real Estate – residential buildings Pivnica and Sarajevo Panorama, Old Town
  • DŽEKOS/SPV -  residential-commercial complex DIJAMANT, Otoka
  • EMAM d.o.o. – apartment building BJELASNICA
  • GREEN RESIDENCE - residential building Sip
  • GREEN HOME - residential building Stup
  • GROHS - apartment building SREBRENA LISICA, Bjelasnica
  • HOŠE KOMERC d.o.o. - residential-commercial building Hadžići
  • ICOM NS – Apartman complex, Neum
  • KONSA d.o.o. - residential building Skenderija
  • KRAS d.o.o. -  residential-commercial building Gardenia, Otoka
  • MS & WOOD d.d. - residential complex – Miljacka (10 buildings)
  • NINA STAN doo - residential building, Stup
  • OKI doo - residential complex – Dobrinja (4 buildings)
  • REBUILDING d.o.o. - residential-commercial building LIBERO, Hotonj
  • SA REAL d.o.o. – residential complex - Pionirska dolina
  • SAMGRAD – residential building - Zlatarka, Vijećnica
  • SAM SHOP - office building sold to PIK/OLX
  • INTERDIAS/SENAD SUTA residential-commercial building DRVENIJA
  • ŠIRBEGOVIĆ - office building sold to PROCREDIT BANK

Real Estate Valuation in accordance with IVS/ RICS Standards

Since 2009, PROSTOR has applied IVS standards for market valuation of real estate for both internal purposes as well as for market valuation reports. During this period, we carried out thousands of short valuations for our own needs for all the properties we have in our offer.

Since 2014, when the director of the company PROSTOR, Maho Taso becomes the first member of the RICS admitted to membership in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we start to apply RICS standards for all our real estate valuations. In 2015 Maho Taso becomes the first RICS Registered Valuer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For more on RICS, please visit:

PROSTOR Ltd. Sarajevo valuation services are covered by professional indemnity insurance in the amount of 100,000 KM with Adriatic Insurance company.

Please see below for some of our key references:

  • ProCredit Bank - Over 400 realized market assessments and revaluation of property and equipment since 2015
  • BOR Bank - Revaluation of portfolio in 2016
  • Raiffeisen Bank - Real Estate Portfolio Valuation under Asset Quality Review, 2017
  • Sparkasse Bank - Real Estate Portfolio Valuation under Asset Quality Review, 2017
  • Intesa San Paolo Bank - Real Estate Portfolio Valuation under Asset Quality Review, 2017
  • UniCredit Bank - Real Estate Portfolio Valuation under Asset Quality Review, 2017
  • NLB Bank - Estimation and analysis of real estate marketability
  • Sparkasse Bank - Analysis of the development in sales prices for apartments in Sarajevo for the period 2012-2016
  • ProCredit Bank - Analysis of the difference between asking and sales prices for apartments in Sarajevo for the period 2012-2017
  • Deloitte - Cooperation on the analysis of the Shopping Centres market in BiH
  • INA/MOL - Valuation of real estate owned by the company
  • EU - Analysis of office rental market in Sarajevo
  • OSCE - Analysis of office real estate market in Sarajevo
  • UNHCR - Sarajevo Market Report, 2018
  • Statistics Bureau of FBiH - Reports on Rental Prices for Housing in Sarajevo
  • World Bank/SIDA and others - Continuous consultations regarding the development of real estate markets in Sarajevo and BiH
  • Large number of valuations for individual clients, individuals and legal entities