For tenants

Finding a new home or new business premises for rent is often a demanding and a time consuming process.

Using PROSTOR as your agent, you can be sure that the entire process will be managed according to the rules prescribed by laws and as smoothly as possible for you as a Renter.
Herewith, we will introduce several key advices for Renters in order to make sure that entire renting process will be completely flawless.

The first advise concerns the safe choice of your real estate agent. Currently, we have several different kinds of agents in Bosnia and Herzegovina: individuals (according to street slang: “torbari” - marsupials), legal entities (agencies) and lawyers.

Using individuals as agents is illegal and it does not provide any safety to the Renter, because individual agents do not take any responsibility for a Renter being deceived.

Legal entities (agencies). How to choose a highly professional agency? The competence of agency employees, agency size (the number of branches, the number of employees), the quality of property presentations, the number of real estate offers, references etc. are just some of the important factors for choosing the right agency.

To make sure that the agent has a legal right to offer a real estate, you have every right to request to see the contract between the agency and the owner before you start the cooperation with the agency.

Second advice - related to the direct renting from the owner.

The disadvantages of direct renting are:

  • The initial price is not the market rental price, but the owner´s price
  • You are in position to negotiate with the owner who is very often emotionally attached to the property (and therefore raises the rental price to unrealistic levels)
  • The entire process is long, uncertain and often unpleasant
  • You lose all the advantages offered by professional agencies such as the initial price which is based on market price assessment of property, checked ownership documentation, website visits to properties before actual seeing, organization and control of the process as
  • well as the assistance before and after you sign rental agreement.

In order to simplify this process PROSTOR recommends that you as Renter define a specific criteria for yourself in advance, such as; the type of property, location, price, area, standard, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, floor number, desired rental period and possibly your needs for additional services.

In order to be ready for signing rental agreement when you find a new home or business premises, it is very important to ensure that you have sufficient funds equal to at least two monthly rents; the rent for the first month and a security deposit in the minimal amount of one monthly rent. Deposit will be returned to you on the day of the departure from the property if all the utilities are settled and if the property is left in the same condition as it was when you overtook it. In case the property was being damaged in any way except for normal use, the repairs can be funded from the security deposit.

For every property in our offer, we in PROSTOR provide checked and detailed information with photos. In this way, you as Renter avoid unnecessary disputes and waste of time on properties that do not fit your needs.
We also organize signing of the rental agreement in several world languages. In addition, we are at your service if you need to organize additional services related to rental properties, such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, rent a car, etc.